The World before the Shot – 2018

by Luisa Duarte
Version by Chris Burden

The first time I saw the sculptures by Raul Mourão where his famous Balanços (See-Saws) are balanced on different empty glass bottles, it was as if I were encountering something strangely familiar. The bottles played the role of an intruder in..

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What do you see? – 2015

by Fernanda Lopes for the exhibition Su Casa
New York, October, 2015

In 1964, Frank Stella said of his paintings: “What you see is what you see.” The phrase exemplifies what is considered one of the principles of the minimalist movement. In Su Casa, Raul Mourão seems to revisit..

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To see the visible – 2015

by Eucanaã Ferraz for the FENESTRA exhibition
March 2015
Version by Lis Horta Moriconi

In this exhibition, Raul Mourão once more devotes himself to the difficult marriage of construction and chance. Careful not to override each other, the entwined tensions engender through taut..

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The mesh, the grid: the double – 2014

by Francisco Bosco for the MOTO exhibition
February 2014

The engine that drives Raul Mourão’s oeuvre – beginning at a certain stage of formulation in which the obstinate character of questions denotes the consolidation of a gaze, a gesture, a singularity – is, in my understanding,..

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Interview with Raul Mourão for the book MOV – 2010

Raul Mourão Studio
conversation via skype with Maria do Carmo Pontes (Londres) and Frederico Coelho (Rio de Janeiro)
October 2010
Maria do Carmo: Rosalind Krauss wrote a lovely text about the grid, in which she talks about the presence in the painting of the 20th century of the..

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Open for balance – 2010

by Frederico Coelho for the Movimento Repouso exhibition

Since 2010 Raul Mourão has been working with kinetic sculptures. His research on materials and movements brought a new aesthetic route to his work. In a trajectory marked by the eclecticism of means and action fronts, Raul plunged in..

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In praise of instability (Prelude to a likely collision) – 2010

by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti
“Art is what makes life more interesting than art…”
Robert Filliou

Strolling around Raul Mourão s works feels a bit like wandering the streets: one can hear the voice of the city, feel its presence, touch its metal railings, its houses, its suffocated..

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From iron to emotion – 2010

by Felipe Scovino
Porto Alegre, 2010
It was in September last year, during the Intrépida Trupe s rehearsals for Projeto:Coleções, that I first saw Raul Mourão s Balanços [Swings] series. Mourão was trying out the first experiments in his series (although he himself describes them..

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Floor, wall and people – 2010

by Frederico Coelho


The exhibition is opened and still. Step by step, you enter the hall and walk with the certitude that everything is in place. Your confident glance no longer looks for the ground when walking inside a gallery. You only have to face the works. And here they are…

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The gentle art of tricking – 2007

by Paulo Herkenhoff
published on the book ArteBra
A heterogeneous group of Raul Mourão’s works involves our glance with irony. Mourão operates with the subtraction of rules and with gentle ways of transgressing them. The artist destabilizes. Everything is an object for irony, from..

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Small fractions – 2003

by Paulo Venancio Filho

What we find in this exhibition by Raul Mourão is a sensor constantly on the move through a highly saturated social environment. After capturing a given object or situation and inspecting at length materials, dimensions, forms, locations, etc., the sensor immediately..

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